8.5.2012 - Litter G

EC Dona Skarabeusz*PL
Date of birth - 12.3.2007
EMS code - DRX w (d)
Blood type - B
FeLV test - negative 25.3.2008
FIV test - negative 25.3.2008
Pedigree - (PL) FPL LO 9146
IC Kiar Rex DorTina*PL
Date of birth - 26.6.2008
EMS code - DRX d33
Blood type - B
FeLV test - negative 25.1.2010
FIV test - negative 25.1.2010
Pedigree - (PL) FPL LO 16360


White male, first male after four years.

Born - 8.5.2012 - 09:55
Birth weight - 78g
EMS code - DRX w62 (cpc)
Blood type - B

In the new home in Milevsko,
in the family of Mrs. Romana.


Red male, born as the second one.
He inherited the character of Dona.

Born - 8.5.2012 - 10:35
Birth weight - 74g
EMS code - DRX d (cpc)
Blood type - B

Garfield now lives in Slovakia,
as the new boy of Rexclusive*SK.

If you are interested in any of our cats, please contact us under
info@devonrex.cz and we will answer all your questions with pleasure.

Jan Dzik

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